The deputy elect [Member of the Chilean Parliament] for Frente Amplio (Broad Front), Tomás Hirsch, has finished his February European tour  to make contact and deepen ties with related organizations. He met in Paris with France Insoumise deputies Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Alexis Corbière and Sabine Rubin; in Madrid with the congressmen of Podemos Pedro Arrojo, Ione Belarra, with the deputy Pablo Bustinduy, coordinator of the International Secretariat of Podemos and spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group of Unidos Podemos in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress; and in Barcelona with the First Tinent d’Alcaldia, Gerardo Pisarello (Vice Mayor) and Alexasandre Masllorens, Chief of Staff, both from Barcelona en Comú, a party led by Mayor Ada Colau. On his tour he also visited Milan and Brussels. He had meetings with various Chilean popular organizations abroad in each of the cities visited.

Hirsch concludes in all cases that “these are very similar movements: very young, which respond in the same way to traditional politics, and which are in full construction. They are a bit more advanced, since they started a few years before us, so I came to see their views on their own process,” Hirsch explained about his interest in meeting the different representatives.

From France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon launched his support towards Latin America: “Together we will put in check the Latin American pseudo-democracies, the processes of that region are a mirror of the French. We must be professional, serious, work hard and not just be a new force”, said the former French presidential candidate.
In a similar way, Bustinduy expressed the following words: “we intend not to repeat the same mistakes and to the extent that our experience could be useful, share it. Feel it as your own. It will be a pleasure to accompany you.”

The dialogue with the deputy continued on the formation of international links, institutions as ways to change the narratives, the relationship with social movements and especially the importance of demonstrating management capacity through a deeply serious and professional work. “Facing an aura of innocence and novelty, we had to prove that we had the level of technical competence,” concluded Bustinduy.

With the rest of the congressmen in Madrid, they talked about the different experiences of creating new political forces in countries with a bipartisan tradition. He highlighted the mutual interest in the importance of strengthening the link of political movements with social organizations.

The leaders also agreed to strengthen the relationship between Frente Amplio and Podemos.

Ione Belarra, meanwhile, explained: “We are new to the Spanish Congress and we are concentrating our efforts on two aspects: Defend ourselves from the ‘you are not capable’ with a serious and professional job; and take the Congress out to the street and let the bases work together.”

In Barcelona Pisarello, gave his support to what is politically happening  in Chile with these new forces that are allowing very innovative political processes and with the possibility of being able to make a change of direction despite the difficulties. He also made it very clear that they are the alternative to confront the rise of the extreme right.

The tour has allowed to establish links and networks that can prosper in the future. That in the different latitudes the powers that fight against the prevailing neoliberalism of these times at world level can be strengthened In order to prevent the growth of the extreme right that takes humanity towards the darkness. Because it is the moment to join forces, accepting our diversity in favour of a group that, strengthened, may return people to their prosperous capacity and defend their basic rights.