Italo-Pakistani director Wajahat Abbas Kazmi and Elena De Piccoli, both activists for the association Il Grande Colibri, have finished shooting the documentary “Allah Loves Equality”, which will take us inside the thoughts and real life of Pakistani homosexuals, and transgender people. Despite a few stressful moments (like when they got caught in the middle of an Islamic fundamentalist demonstration, which was secretly documented and will be shown in the documentary), the trip was successful.

A movie full of life and courage

The gathered movie material was even greater than expected, and for the first time, thanks to the presence of a director who is also a human rights activist, well known in Pakistan, some people in the gay community decided to show their identity, their day to day, and even their love relationships openly. It was a conscious and brave decision, driven by a compelling will of changing the current sexual minorities’ condition in the country, and this documentary proves to be an essential tool to express and encourage the local community voice.

Our association supported this project since the beginning, and now that we’ve reached the final part of the project, we are back asking for your help in order to cover the post-production (in particular editing and dubbing). Some unforeseen events happened during the filming, so Wajahat Abbas Kazmi started a new crowd funding campaign on Produzioni dal Basso. This powerful project is a step away from its fruition: let’s give it a push together.

Translated by Barbara Burgio