It’s less than a month from today since solidarity groups, NGOs and refugees started to scale up their opposition to what continues to be the reception conditions for asylum seekers on Greek islands in the North-East Aegean. Learning from the lessons of last winter, when we witnessed people living in tents under heavy snow and when 4 people died due to cold and appalling living conditions in Moria, active parts of society have decided to take action. At the same time, the complete lack of interest from the Ministry of Migration to improve the situation in the first reception facilities (hotspots) is more than obvious.

So now we count on: the first appeal for open islands, mostly supported by groups in solidarity with asylum seekers based on the Aegean islands. An open letter to the Prime Minister, co-signed by 30 NGOs with the same demand. A memorial to the lost souls in Lesbos. Hundreds of pictures which expose today’s situation in Moria and other hotspots. On top of that refugees have started a hunger strike yesterday in Syntagma Square, demanding better conditions in the hotspots but also faster procedures concerning family re-unification, especially in the case of Germany. As you may already know, Germany has a bilateral and illegal agreement with the greek government in breach of European laws, putting a monthly limit of 70 people moving from Greece to Germany. This plan squeezes hundreds of people on to the waiting list, fueling them with anger and frustration. We must never forget that they escaped from war zones, without wanting to do so and that their journey towards Greece or their final destination has been indeed long.