The Commons’ movement has been of great interest for Pressenza in Athens and worldwide for a long time.
In Athens we have been working in publishing a series of issues and Commons’ demands.
Aaron Swartz’s activities, articles about free access to water, medicines, open source, open data, alternative currencies, collaborative economies, VIOME and so many others are amongst them
Today Pressenza has been called by the organizers of the Commons Festival to introduce itself. After all Pressenza is part of this community of self-organization as an alternative media and contributes to a worldwide alternative vision of what is happening today. We will discuss our origins, our values, our vision and we will try to build more bridges in order to publish daily aspects of personal and social change that is not just something expected in the future, it is happening as we speak.

Where and when?

At the Fine Arts School in Athens, Sunday 8th of October, from 16.00 for half an hour.