Happening now: week of action to #StopDSEI, aka the London Arms Fair

11.09.2017 - Pressenza London

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Happening now: week of action to #StopDSEI, aka the London Arms Fair
(Image by CAAT)

Information from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade

On of the biggest arms fairs in the world is staking place in London and many oppressive regimes that use the weapons on display against their own populations and civilians in other countries ar invited. CAAT an de many other peace organisations have joined block access to the site. More than a 100 people have been arrested.

Stop Arming Saudi

CAAT is pursuing an appeal in its legal battle to Stop Arming Saudi. UK weapons are being used in Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen – attacks which have killed thousands and created a humanitarian disaster. Support the campaign.

Political Influence; Get the arms trade out of government

The arms industry has inserted itself into the very heart and machinery of government giving it totally disproportionate access and influence over vital areas, warping public policy and harming us all

Take action
Ask your MP to sign Parliamentary petititon 1079 to reduce the abuses of the ‘revolving door’ between ministerial office and big business.

Sign the petition to demand the Prime Minister takes action against lobbying and corporate influence over public policy.
Arms companies have long enjoyed a close relationship with the Government, giving them immense influence over government decision-making.

There are many opportunities for arms companies to gain access to and influence the Government:

from the thousands of hours of meetings,
to the revolving door between companies, military and government,
to the industry bodies within government itself
The influence of this network of relations and massive integration warps government priorities in favour of private commercial interests and leads to the public interest becoming conflated with corporate interests, preventing a proper debate about policies that would do more for the long-term security of people in the UK and elsewhere.

We can see the damaging impacts of this influence when:

Arms sales are prioritised over arms control
Business is prioritised over human rights
Narrow and dangerous visions of security dominate

Security and Jobs

Military spending and bombing don’t make us safer. Join us in calling for a new approach to security, and for a shift from arms to renewables – a change that would create more and better jobs, and a safer world.

Watch videos of today’s action on CAAT Facebook page

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