Approximately 1,000 people from 40 countries came together last Saturday to write out a message on the beach of Odeceixe using their own bodies. The message was a clear NO to all attempts at offshore oil drilling on one of Europe’s last natural coastlines, as well as requesting an increased use of renewable energy sources.

There were 250 people from Tamera, with activists from many countries coming together under the banner of “Defend the Sacred”, including indigenous activists from Standing Rock who started the DAPL protest. The action began with a fire and water ceremony of balance.

Many more people were needed to form the large dolphin and write out the message on the beach. Luckily, many local tourists, beachgoers, children and surfers  not only agreed with the action, but were also willing to join in on the spot.

So, activists were able to complete spelling out all the letters and also marched to form a red carnation, a symbol to protect the Portuguese coasts.

This action by Tamera was carried out with the support of ALA and ASMAA environmental groups, the counties of  Aljezur and Odemira, various local municipalities and the Portuguese Climate Alliance. The image was designed by ecologist John Quigley of Spectral Q and filmed by Ludwig Schramm.

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Translation from Italian by Peter Luntz