Tuesday May 23rd, from 7.30pm to 9 pm.

Organized by American Expats for Positive Change and Women’s March Rome, Italy 2017

We cannot keep quiet!
US President Donald Trump will be in Rome to visit Pope Francis on May 23-24.
US Citizens, Italians and all global citizens are asked to come together to make some noise.

We must show the world that we do not condone the hypocrisy, the lies, the dismantling of our democratic institutions and rights, and the self-serving politics that 45 represents. Let’s stand up for #immigrantrights! Let’s stand up for #science and #climatechangeresearch! Let’s stand up for #healthcare! Let’s stand up for #womensrights! Let’s stand up for a #freepress! Let’s stand up for a #democracy that takes care of its weakest and most needy people!

Do you remember when Trump called the Pope disgraceful?


Time and location are to be determined. Please click “interested” to stay informed on the details of this event.


Wednesday May 24th  from 5pm to 10pm

Gare Bruxelles Nord – Brussels North Station 

On May 24&25, Donald Trump is visiting Belgium for a NATO summit. This protest march is directed against Trump and his billionaire cabinet . This is a march for peace and against military adventures, for the preservation of our planet and the environment, for the respect for human rights of all humans, for the struggle against sexism, racism and discrimination.