On May 24th  WaterProtectors Rachel Heaton, Wasté Win Young, Rafael Gonzalez & Nataani Means were at the #TrumpNotWelcome demo in Brussels for social rights, against sexism, racism and discrimination, for peace and a livable world, together with 9.000 protestors. They opened the rally with a prayer and called for divestment from banks investing in fossil fuels.

Other speakers included:

  • Angela Sciacchitano | Jeunes FGTB
  • Veerle Verleyen | LBC-NVK
  • Magda de Meyer | Vrouwenraad
  • Hafida Bachir | Vie Feminine
  • Laurien Spruyt | Climate Coalition
  • Ann Wright | Code Pink, USA
  • Maz Saleem | Stop the War, UK
  • Saida Isbai | Hart boven Hard
  • Serge Bagamboula | Comité des sans papiers

The day of action ended with a concert with Jaune Toujours, Orchestre International du Vetex and Sindicato Sonico.