Brindisi, September 23rd-24st 2016
Palazzo Virgilio – Sala Carlo V

There have been many reasons that led us to choose Brindisi as the location for this Forum. One of them is Brindisi and its history: it was from here that the Roman ships set sail heading for North Africa and the Middle East. It is the city of Brindisi that experienced the first migratory waves of the nineties.
Brindisi is a nuclear plant port. It is from Brindisi and its United Nations Logistics Base (UNLB) that the humanitarian aid for peoples struck by natural calamities or war leaves. Brindisi is a window over the
Mediterranean from which messages of hope for peace can be sent through the practical suggestions of non-violent movements.
The Brindisi Forum was born with the hope to become a biennial event where to meet, discuss and unite many different types of realities towards a single objective. This first edition hopes to introduce several non-violent methods that may lead to peace, understood in its amplest meaning. We make reference to the Forum organized in Madrid in April 2015 and the one in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in November 2015.
In the first one, we explored several methods and approaches where, through Non-violence, peace paths have been created. In Ecuador, the focus was to point out the importance of education on Nonviolence,
starting from the knowledge of the various types of violence (physical, gender-based, race-based, economic and religious) to reach as well as to promote a non-violent method. We do not have the ambition to create new and revolutionary proposals but we certainly have the will to reinforce even
more strongly now, how Non-violence can be fundamental to truly create a world with less conflicts, whether they are close-by or far-away.
Otherwise, we will only continue on the downward spiral of violence, as it had happened in Syria in the last four years (just to mention an example).
The agenda of the two-day meeting in Brindisi is full of events and the aim is to create a dialogue between those who already work in the area and those who do not, thanks to the possibility of live streaming the event.
Greetings and Thanks
3:30 p.m.
From the first Worldwide March for Peace and Nonviolence to the Forum “Nonviolence as a Force for Peace” in Brindisi
4:00 pm
Reconciliation may start from Berlin – International Peace Bureau (September 30 – October 3)
Valerio Colombo – Humanist Movement
4:30 pm
Art and Non-violence
Martine Sicard –
5:00 pm
Ficnova, International Film Festival by Active Nonviolence
Word without Wars and Violence, Spain
5:30 pm
International Photo Contest “Peace is”, the images of the future that we wish for, Nikos Stergiou – World Team Coordination World without Wars and Violence
6:00 pm
Beyond Atomic Violence, Life Reborn Kaki Tree Project
with Paolo Belloni – I giardini di Pomona
Green Legacy Hiroshima
Nassarine Azimi – co-founder/coordinator GLH
Hortus Puglia, Association between Peace and Nature
Pierangelo Argentieri – Chairman Hortus Puglia
7:00 pm
“Mi chiamo Danilo e faccio domande”, Aracne Publishing, Mara Mundi

9:15 pm
“Giornalismo di pace” Nanni Salio and Silvia De Michelis, Gruppo Abele Publishing
Studi Sereno Regis, Torino
Pressenza (international agency for nonviolent information) at International IPB Congress in Berlin “Creation of the Symbol of Peace and Nonviolence”
Anna Polo – Pressenza Italia
10:15 pm
Opal: a permanent observatory for reaserch, analysis and monitoring of small arms and defense and safety policies
Piergiulio Biatta – OPAL Chairman
The small arms of Nonviolence Mimmo Cortese – member and scientific consultant for OPAL
11:15 pm
Another form of defense is possible
Mao Valpiana, Francesco Vignarca – Rete Disarmo-Rete della Pace-Sbilanciamoci- Tavolo Interventi Civili di Pace-CNESC-Forum Nazionale per il Servizio di Pace
11:45 pm
The birth of the Active Nonviolence Center in Milan, as a reference point for the development of a nonviolent life style
Annabella Coiro – World Without War and Violence
2:30 pm
Network of the schools on Nonviolence in Greece
World Without War and Violence, Greece
3:00 pm
Peace University
University Education on Nonviolence in Ecuador
Sonia Venegas Paz – World Team Coordination World without Wars and Violence
15:30 pm
Is a Second World March for Peace and Nonviolece necessary? (from Costa Rica)
Rafael de la Rubia – World Team Coordination World without Wars and Violence
4:00 pm
Syria, an endless conflict
Mahmoud Ghadri – Chairmain Committee for the Defense for Human Right in Syria
Amedeo Ricucci – Rai journalist
5:00 pm
“No London today” (documentary)
From Levante Film Festival of 2008, a project by Delphine Deloget to tell the tale of those who reach Calais to head out, at any cost, for England.
2016: has the situation changed?
5:30 pm
Greetings and Thanks