Jeremy Corbyn launches Energy and Environment policy

07.09.2016 - Pressenza London

Jeremy Corbyn launches Energy and Environment policy
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Jeremy Corbyn has today announced the boldest environmental policy of any major party in British history:

“We will act to protect the future of our planet, with social justice at the heart of our environment policies. We will create a low-carbon economy, using our National Investment Bank. And we will deliver an energy policy for the 60 million, not the Big 6 energy companies, championing community-owned renewable energy.”

  1. Lead action on climate change
  • We will play a leading role internationally and commit to cutting carbon emissions at home.
  • Honor the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Mobilize communities to plant 64 million native broadleaf trees in 10 years
  1. A world class green economy

We will create over 300,000 renewable energy jobs throughout the country. We will put modern low-carbon industries at the heart of our £500 billion investment strategy, championing a new green industrial revolution

  • Invest in a modern Britain:
    • Fund decarbonisation strategies for energy-intensive industry
    • Support mayors and councils to drive the sift to a new low carbon economy
  • Re-skill Britain:
    • Introduce new college programmes and quality internships
    • Ensure all workers in fossil fuels get decent sustainable employment
  • Protect people and communities:
    • Stop the planning system being rigged in the interests of developers
    • Defend access to justice on issues such as fracking and air pollution
  1. Clean, democratically accountable energy
    We will deliver clean energy, affordable heating and electricity – energy for the 60 million, not the big 6 energy companies.
  • Let local communities take back control of their power:
    • Promote the growth of over 200 ‘local energy companies’ within the next parliament
    • Support the development of 1,000 community energy co-operatives
  • Cut energy waste and costs:
    • Insulate 4 million homes
    • Build 1 million new carbon neutral homes – including half a million council houses
    • Set a minimum ‘B and C’ energy efficiency standard for all rented housing
    • Protect people from fuel poverty through support with bills
  • Drive the low-carbon transition:
    • 65% renewable electricity by 2030, aiming for 85% as technology improves and diffuses.
    • Deliver investment and industrial strategy to create over 300,000 renewables jobs throughout the country along the whole supply chain
    • Halve air pollution deaths by 2030 by promoting a shift to electric and hydrogen buses and cars; a network of low-emission zones; and to cycling with safe cycle lanes and hire schemes in every town and city.
  • End polluting energy:
    • Take action now to keep 80% of fossil fuels in the ground globally
    • Phase out coal power stations by the early 2020s
    • Ban fracking
  1. Extend EU environmental protections
    80% of environmental protections that people and nature rely on come from the EU.
  • Fully implement all EU environmental protections
  • Introduce a long-term plan to begin the recovery of nature including regulations in farming and fishing, and the use of pesticides.
  • End the pay-to-pollute approach


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