HP’s 5 Points in Support of the YES Vote in the Colombia’s Peace Process Referendum

20.09.2016 - David Andersson

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HP’s 5 Points in Support of the YES Vote in the Colombia’s Peace Process Referendum

Here are a few key points outlining why we support the agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC:

  1. We support peace and discussion instead of war and violence as a way to resolve conflicts. The NO vote will cancel all the work carried out by both parties during the last 5 years in Havana, Cuba, and will leave those favoring a military solution with the upper hand.
  2. We support transforming violent forces into political entities to empower democratic practices.
  3. We support transitional justice with the direct objective of non-repetition, instead of the Western concept of revenge which increases violence and perpetual resentment. There is no other peace process in the world where victims have occupied such a central role. The transitional justice design in this agreement is historic and innovative.
  4. We support a truth and reconciliation commission and reparation for the victims of the conflicts, favoring a profound understanding of the conflict, helping the reconstruction of the social fabric, and opening the future for the Colombian people.
  5. In conclusion, the Peace Resolution and the referendum are opportunities that do not happen often and that need to be understood as a new moment of process for the entire society, in opposition to the values and structure of the previous moment. After 50 years of conflict, most Colombians understand that violence did not resolve the conflicts, did not bring progress, and did not help anyone in their pursuit of happiness.

The referendum will be on Oct 2nd and every Colombian who is already registered will be able to vote, even people outside of the country. And as a opportune sign, the referendum is on Gandhi’s birthday, also designated the International Day of Nonviolence.

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