Morales denounces attempts to destabilize Bolivia

26.08.2016 - Cuba - Prensa Latina

Morales denounces attempts to destabilize Bolivia
(Image by Prensa Latina)
La Paz, Aug 26 (Prensa Latina) President of Bolivia Evo Morales denounced today groups supporting foreign interests that seek to cause confusion amid the population and create an environment of instability in the country.


During a ceremony for the 116th anniversary of the Escuela de Sargentos del Ejercito, at the central department of Cochabamba, Morales said that this country grieves the killing of Rodolfo Illanes, vice minister of Interior Regime, perpetrated by miners from cooperatives.

‘Some of them seek to back a plot and destabilize the country. Greed is a curse for human beings. It is regrettable that some of us are not committed to our beloved Bolivia’, said Morales.

He also promised to demonstrate in the coming days the foreign interference through actions against the Government.

Morales said this morning that Illanes´ killing is part of a political conspiracy and denounced that Bolivia is facing a non-stopping plot.

‘First, there were demonstrations staged by differently abled people, then members of heavy transport and now miners from cooperatives’, he said during the press conference.

He also said that various members of the opposition supported the claims in favor of privatization presented by the miners throughout the demonstration.

‘We fight for natural resources and they belong to Bolivians. It is a provocation and the population will not lose ground, we are not delivering our wealth to foreign companies’, he said.

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