British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn came again under fire after a Labour donor took to Court the decision of the National Executive Committee to accept him in the ballot paper for the leadership contest without nominations from his fellow MPs. According to the Court’s ruling he does not need them as there is no leadership vacancy. Corbyn is the incumbent and other candidates need the nomination but he does not. The donor bringing up the case was ordered to pay the Court’s costs for both sides of the argument.

Jeremy Corbyn commented in Facebook:

“I welcome the decision by the High Court to respect the democracy of the Labour Party, which cannot be subordinated to the personal wishes of one wealthy individual.

“This was a monumental waste of Labour Party time and resources when we should be focused on holding the government to account.

“The right of half-a-million Labour Party members should have never been in question. If anything, we should aim to expand the Labour Party membership.

“I hope all candidates and supporters will reject any attempt to prolong this process, and that we can now proceed with the election in a comradely and respectful manner.”

A number of articles are now circulating about the appalling and biased treatment Mr Corbyn is suffering at the hands of the Media and some fellow members of the Parliamentary Labour Party at the same time that the membership of the Labour Party under his leadership grows more than at any other time in recent history.