Bangladeshis are refusing to be rattled

08.07.2016 - Tony Henderson

Bangladeshis are refusing to be rattled
The main mosque in Hong Kong (Image by Didar Shardar)

The popular media,, reports that Muslims in Bangladesh are refusing to be rattled by the latest terror attack near the largest congregation ground for religious rites hard on the heels of the bloody carnage at the Dhaka café.

This year, as usual in the country, tens of millions of Muslims left home early this past Thursday for prayer grounds and mosques with the hope that the Eid will bring joy for all and help the nation come to terms with one of the darkest chapters in its recent history. At the main congregation in Dhaka’s National Eidgah Maidan at 8:30am, the national hopes were reflected in the prayers for peace and prosperity.

However, before the clock struck 9 in the morning, a gang of gunmen launched an assault on a police despatch just some 250 metres from the ground of the largest Eid congregation, at Sholakia in Kishoregan… the report ended.

Around the world there are many Bangladeshi communities and Hong Kong is typical. There, Sheikh Saadi stated in his Eid message: Purity; Love and Care; Enlightenment; Preparation for returning to the creator – may these outcomes of fasting and Eid shape up our lives and be reflected upon our thoughts , policy and practice in every aspect of our lives … A very warm EID MUBARAK to you , your family and friends.

Another friend uncovered a poem for the day

Like the colour of silver,
in the night sky,
the new moon rises,
the holy month has past,
the fasting is over,
tomorrow is the great feast of Eid-ul-Fitr.

We will eat spicy chicken,
and mouth watering pakoras,
I’ll call my neighbours,
and friends on the street,
may the peace of Allah,
and joy of Eid,
be with everyone.

Naseq Rahman from Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh said: “Best to know your locality. In a locality where people know each other, there is no place for terrorists. Build fellowship within the community.”

With these sentiments it is hoped the coming months and years will see Bangladesh and Bangladeshis everywhere blessed with the fruits of all those good wishes.

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