Let’s not burst our only balloon

31.05.2016 - Pressenza Hong Kong

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Let’s not burst our only balloon
(Image by Irshad Ahmad Mughal)

If you start pumping air into a balloon, you should expect that eventually it will burst. Each balloon has specific limits to absorb air. Our world is like a balloon. Surprisingly, we are pumping air into it but not expecting any incident of bursting. We are told that it will not burst but expand to an unlimited size. If anybody should cry out to be careful that it will burst, we are told not to believe him or her. So, we don’t listen to such voice, neither to our own intuition. We are socialized and trained this way.

By Irshad Ahmad Mughal

Wars, disasters, epidemics, diseases, migrations, conflicts, tensions, mass destruction weapons are spreading like some epidemic but we are told the world is safe. This is an enigma for people living in this 21st century standing on a knife edge or on a mountain peak that leads into the deep depths but we are assured we are safe because we have a life jacket. We hardly believe our own intuition, our understanding, or beliefs and our learning but as if depend on information received through media including books, TV news, journals, blogs etc. Universities, colleges and schools are producing scholars like factories workers who believe in instructions to produce something other than  their own voice.

Where is solution of all this potential disaster? It is a puzzle – an ancient puzzle. Ancient puzzles were not solved by factory workers but by genius. They were not solved as a homework assignment, cheating during exams but through creativity of human beings. They were solved because genius loves imagination. They love their reflections, even making errors and learning again, not for grades and diplomas.

Modern human beings need incentives like diplomas to solve puzzles. If you ask one to solve it, he/she will ask, ‘what shall I get after solving it? Or even cheat using computers. Money and such incentive drives them. The thus educated should be termed clever rather wise. The clever rule, wise are ruled. Clever can’t solve the puzzle themselves but can steal the solution of the wise. Clever relies on computers and money and commands these to solve it. Thus the question arises, “Is the machine cleverer or superior to human being-wise?” Common people will answer, “machine”. But they don’t think beyond the limits, “who invented and upgraded the computer?” Thus machine has overcome human beings. How did this happen? This happened through the dehumanizing of the human being. When we dehumanize human beings? Well, anything can overcome us. When we are told that a computer is superior to human beings, it is easy to rule people through machines. When we accept something is superior, we stop any resistance. Our rebel instinct dies. We become a cat that needs sympathy.

Now the task is easy for the rich to to overcome by buying it off and wresting control or just alienate those human beings.  Machines don’t rebel. They don’t protest. They just work on commands and instructions. When machines will replace us, where will the unemployed human beings go? How will they feed their families? The solution is to reduce their number to millions from billions through wars, migrations, deaths, disasters, conflicts, violence, disease, bio terrorism,  and terrorism etc.

Hollywood movies have already started to show movies to us of such battles and destruction to prepare our mind to bear such large scale events in coming years. Movies fix images on our mind. We are controlled by these images. We kill our thinking while watching movies. Thinking of the oppressed as the only enemy that the rich want to kill. While thinking exists, people will resist. Once thinking is controlled, the actions are controlled. Thus all tools are invented to control our thinking. All modern computerized tools are an enemy of thinking. Even we are not allowed to think while selecting clothes, soaps, tooth paste, shoes, schools, roads. We are told not to think but let others think for us.

What is the salvation from this disaster type situation of the world? Here are a few solutions if we can try: (a) No individual or country alone on this earth can overcome this situation in an age of globalization as rich, banks, and multi-national companies have alliances through their wealth, machines, networks, access,  and states to diminish opposition; (b) all individuals (victims or oppressed) around the worlds from rich or poor countries should realize they can’t survive alone – like the old gladiator’s principle, “if we unit, we survive”; (c) If this balloon of capitalism will burst, poor and weak states, tribes, individuals will suffer more therefore they should be more active to ensure survival in the future; (d) Use media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for networking, socialization, educating each other rather than just uploading ‘selfies’; (e) learn how to spread meaningful messages rather than dirty messages and wasting time on liking, disliking etc.; (f) learn how to live in unity in spite of diversity of cultures, religions and races etc.; (f) diversity is truth and reality we can’t reject it – look how multinationals, banks, corporations absorb all cultures without problem, if we divide based on culture, race, religion we divide our force and become weak; (g) visualize the world as one and we are one, our future is one; (h) social media can become a tool for global movements, it is irrelevant who controls it. Learn so we can control it and use it just like pencil, you can write a book with it or put it into eye of your opponent; (i) Trust yourself, your wisdom, your intuition, and your voice.

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