Greenpeace climbers climb one of the Kio Towers Madrid to say no to TTIP

18.05.2016 - Madrid, Spain - Pressenza Hong Kong

Greenpeace climbers climb one of the Kio Towers Madrid to say no to TTIP
(Image by Greenpeace)


Greenpeace climbers climb one of the Kio Towers Madrid to say no to TTIP
• Activists are climbed one of the towers known as the ‘Gateway to Europe’ to alert the treaty that is emerging between the EU and US
• After revealing the secret documents of the treaty in the organization TTIP Leaks goes where no one has done before, in their struggle to stop the deal
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• Miguel Angel Soto, a spokesman for the campaign: 626 998 246

• Monica Ortega,communication Greenpeace: 626 998 248

• Marta San Roman, communication Greenpeace: 680 400 645
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May 17, 2016 .- Six Greenpeace activists are climbing the south of one of the two towers Kio facade, the Madrid buildings that form the so – called ‘Gateway to Europe’ in order to express their protest against the negotiations that are taking place the European Union and the United States, to agree on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement, better known by the acronym TTIP. The publication last May 2 secret documents of this negotiation by Greenpeace Netherlands, the TTIP Leaks, has increased the degree of rejection of this agreement due to its contents. The environmental organization considers that such agreements should be negotiated under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations or the commitments made at the summit on climate change in Paris and requires that it be done.
” It is important to say loud and clear that we oppose this agreement. We must halt these negotiations because they are jeopardizing environmental and social gains , said Miguel Angel Soto, a spokesman for Greenpeace Spain. “Already during the first years of negotiations the two blocs, the EU and the US, began to cut and cut environmental policies and standards, such as Directive Fuel Quality that allows the import of highly polluting petroleum US and Canada or paralysis control of pesticides harmful health effects , “he added.
In the midst of absolute secrecy in which they have handled the negotiations between the European Union and the United States last May 2 Greenpeace Netherlands published part of the contents of these negotiations (1), confirming that, in addition to the setbacks already lived in EU during the negotiation process, are well founded fears about the enormous risks faced by citizens in labor, protection of public health or environmental policies (2).
Negotiations on this agreement addresses many aspects and sectors that are of interest to the public, from the future of the agricultural sector or SMEs, to food, through the regulation of toxic substances, public procurement, services or future coordination of regulation. Both parties intend to remove “barriers” to trade, especially nontariff, those that have to do with different standards and quality standards, health, environment, designation of origin, etc. and according to the promoters of these agreements hinder trade between both sides of the Atlantic.
“What in the jargon of TTIP are called” nontariff barriers “l will favor trade at any price they call” excessive regulation “,” paperwork “and” bad bureaucracy “are environmental safeguards, labor rights or legislation protecting the health of consumers , “he pointed Soto.
Confirming these fears, on Friday May 13 the “Impact Assessment Sustainability (SIA) of TTIP” (3), report commissioned by the European Commission and among the conclusions is that the TTIP odds with the objectives published United Nations Sustainable development, adopted by all countries in September 2015. also, the TTIP contradicts the commitments made by all countries in the cop21 Paris in December 2015. it is estimated that TTIP will mean an increase of more than 21 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in the EU and the US together. The impact assessment also notes that the TTIP cause an increase in air pollution across Europe, which poses a threat to human health.
The danger comes not only from the current negotiations on the TTIP. This year could be approved a similar agreement with Canada, the CETA, which has been rated as the Trojan horse of TTIP, it would also have a negative effect on labor, social, environmental or cultural protection. The CETA, as the TTIP establishes a body of regulatory cooperation, which in the future will oversee the process of preparation and adoption of regulations by the EU, which would represent a surrender of sovereignty to the European Union and its member states when to regulate and protect the health of citizens and the environment.
“Both treaties, the TTIP and CETA, should be subject to compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals UN Conventions International Labour Organization or the commitments of the recent climate summit in Paris , ” he recalled Soto, who he added: “the rights and health of citizens and the sustainability of the planet are as important as economic growth economic growth at any price is suicide.”.
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  2. #TTIPleaks Leaks confirm the threats of EU trade deal with US UU.

  3. Impact Assessment Sustainability (SIA) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP) between the EU and USA.

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