Close calls: We were closer to nuclear destruction than we knew

28.05.2016 - Pressenza Athens

Close calls: We were closer to  nuclear destruction than we knew
Nagasaki bomb (Image by Wikipedia)

Jan Oberg writes:

Leaders are very good at telling us that this or that group or country is a threat to us. And how good they are at protecting us citizens by their – military-based – “security” and “defence” policies. This “fearology” is a necessary ingredient in making citizens accept and pay for wars, intervention, genocide and other problems caused by the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complexes (MIMAC) – big and small – around the world.

Militarism is spreading because of these dynamics and because virtually all leaders are comparatively conflict- and peace-illiterate.

However, there is one kind of threat which these leaders do not talk much about: the fact that a few hundred people around the world command and control nuclear weapons.

And that they are the single largest threat to humankind because they can lead to the annihilation of life as we know it – of everything: Omnicide!

No government has ever dared hold a referendum about these weapons. It’s weapons that can do what only God was supposed to do: Decide about the fate of humankind.

These military and political elites play God and have their fingers on buttons that threaten your life every single minute. Because technical as well as personal failures are known to happen in these system – including commanders and politicans who drink…

Here are two sources to the facts about this gamble:

The Future Of Life Institute and Wikipedia 1940s-2000s.

Do you feel safe by this undemocratic, omni-potent arrangement that is one huge gamble with your life?

Well, perhaps as safe as the man who has thrown himself out from 36th floor and passing the 6th floor convinces himself that this actually goes fine…

If you do feel safe – and also if you don’t – read what a leading world expert – Dr. Gunnar Westberg – has to say about Close Calls: examples of when, due to human or technical failure, we were on the brink of blowing up the world – but did not know it back then.

And what don’t we know about similar cases today?

While the world is obsessed with minor problems – or lesser evils – the leaders of the world are in permanent denial about the single largest threat to humanity’s survival.

That’s also why Obama could go down in world history if he dared take just one little, significant step back from the abyss. He could do that tomorrow in Hiroshima. He could do that safely.

But regrettably nothing indicates that he will.

To understand why such a little step would be world-changing, now read Gunnar Westberg…
Close Calls: We were closer to nuclear destruction than we knew (Part 1).


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