Slutwalk, Quito, Ecuador 2016

28.03.2016 - Quito, Ecuador - Redacción Ecuador

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Slutwalk, Quito, Ecuador 2016
(Image by ©Kevin Sanabria)

On Saturday 19th of March the 5th annual Slutwalk (la Marcha de las Putas) took place in Quito, Ecuador.

Hundreds of men, women, boys and girls, young and old marched through the streets of Quito calling for respect for diversity and denouncing violence and discrimination against women. A colourful and diverse human group advanced energetically and joyfully openly expressing themselves until reaching Foch Square, where the march ended with a concert.

Photos: Evelyn Jaramillo, Rossana Ayabaca, Kevin Sanabria and Walker Vizcarra

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