North Korea is shooting missiles into the East Asia skies again and the all the hounds are baying for blood but this scenario is regularly played out yet no one makes a move to change anything fundamentally.

North Korea (DPRK) remains in isolation, it’s people’s sanctioned against, it’s leaders vilified when not ridiculed and all we see of the nation in the media is images of goose-stepping soldiery, both men and women, with their stern faces, raised eyes and chins.

Pressenza has reported on the situation very recently, see, North Korea says peace treaty, halt to military exercises, would end nuclear tests

Previously, another Pressenza writer spoke on the topic, Paulo Genovese: “…the president of the United States of America, a country that likes to call itself the Land of the Free, publicly stated that the most powerful nation on the planet is a hostage. To what? To weapons of the same logic of violence…

“While a large part of the North Korean population is living in misery, together with the 32 million inhabitants of the USA who don’t know if they will be able to eat tomorrow, both governments are afflicted by the same sickness: the violent response to conflicts. The suffering of a large part of their populations could be resolved if part of the resources directed to military purposes were instead directed to people’s basic needs and human rights.”

The call is made by many peace activists for re-unification of the Koreas: “The local-to-the-Korean-peninsular and its divide problem is re-unification; to have one Korea and not a North Korea and a South Korea. While there are local dissenters to such re-unification, largely the Korean people’s would welcome unification.”

Political commentators say China should do more as it is closer than any other nation to the North Korean leadership but China does not want to cause any havoc among the management of North Korea as any instability would flow over its borders into China. Thus China is quiet on the issue of reunification, especially as the more wedsternised South Korean way of life would likely begin to dominate in the North with unknown dislocations and further, the eventual likelihood of military bases moving ever closer to China itself.

Commenting on Phoenix TV (China), Li Yuzhen, a North Korean businesswoman who has lived in China for 30 years, can offer a more DPRK representative point of view and she believes that the North’s nuclear test (to hark back to a very recent missile-related instance) was in self-defense. If the United States or the (United Nations) Security Council, as well as South Korea and Japan, renounced their hostility towards the DPRK, the DPRK would not have the need to possess nuclear weapons, she insists.

What is needed is an integrating political dynamic to be initiated by the USA, as the USA is the one causing the problems, with South Korea and Japan merely barking in the background. The sovereignty of North Korea needs to be respected and the issues dealt with one-by-one. At least some degree of trust has to be established.