Hi folks,
My interview with conservative Iranian publication Javan was published today.- it touches on the shifts in regional alliances as ground developments change the face of the Mideast. Iran and Russia – who would have thought? Tension on the US-Saudi front? Yes, and get used to it:
The original interview is in Farsi here: http://javanonline.ir/fa/news/773673
More stuff on Iran this year: a January interview with Iranian anti-terror NGO Habilian, where I talk a bit about the MEK: http://www.habilian.ir/en/201601192417/News/us-needs-help-to-disentangle-from-syrian-misadventures.html
And also a report I produced for Beirut-based Futuristic Studies Institute on the likely trajectory of US-Iranian relations post-nuclear deal. Unfortunately, the papers are only available for subscribers – and in Arabic – but here is the website for those interested in some fresh analysis out of the Mideast: http://www.fsinstitute.org AND https://www.facebook.com/futuristic.studies/
While we are on the topic, a big congratulations to Iranians for the 60% voter turnout in yesterday’s elections. Whichever way you are leaning, it is great to see consensus-building in the region on this magnitude.
Warm regards,
Sharmine Narwani <sharminen@gmail.com>