Drop food not bombs on Syria

22.01.2016 - Pressenza Hong Kong

Drop food not bombs on Syria
(Image by Syria Relief. org)
 How is it that at the click of a button bombs can be dropped anywhere in Syria yet when it comes to supplying food aid and medicines month after month of talks are needed. 
Clearly it’s all a lying charade. The USA , Russia, UK, or any other country for that matter could this very minute drop tons of food into any area of Syria.
There is no need for this debacle. It’s a shame and a sham. Yes, sure some of the foodstuff would fall into the ‘wrong hands’ but so what.
Point is, all of those skinny kids and elderlies would get something to eat on these freezing winter days when our supermarkets are overflowing with goods. There is no need for this situation.
Concerned citizens of all countries need to make their voices heard because they can’t ignore us fore-ever.
Tony Henderson
Humanist Association of Hong Kong
(Appeared in the Letters to the Editor column of South China Morning Post, around January 13, 2016)
Categories: Middle East, Peace and Disarmament
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