South Africa- The struggle for a minimum wage in South Africa is not a new thing, it has been going on for sometime and still it comes out now and then, where workers fight against  slavery wages and want decent pay.

However, South Africa is experiencing a serious Gini coefficient which is amongst the highest in the world. Meaning, there is high inequality in South Africa where there is a big gap betweern the rich and the poor. This gap of such an inequality is growing day by day, where rich people become richer and the poor become the poorer which is why the Economic Freedom Fighters and Congress of South Africa Trade Union (COSATU) are calling for the national minimum wage discussions.

Now and then, in South Africa we hear concerned organisations like the ones mentioned above calling for discussions of such a national wage symposium if not a debate. Though some employers think that this is impossible, as this is going to slow down productivity. On the other hand workers say minimum wage to them means justice.

Tshepho Moloi is an enterpreneur from Gauteng Province who feels that this is not going to work. Another Gautenger from Midrand calledf Norman said ”As South Africans we come from the past, where there is a gap between the rich and poor therefore the issue of the national minimum wage must be restructured”. he said.

As this discussion keeps coming back, COSATU concluded its 12 national congress in November having taken a resolution on national minimum wage.