Unofficial blockade on Nepal by India – Humanist Movement Nepal’s “worldwide Appeal”

This blockade is having the following effects on Nepal’s ordinary people in their everyday lives:
*Fuel for transportation and gas for cooking are in short supply and this can be seen all over Nepal.
*Only 15%of the total vehicles available are operating.
*Many means of transportation are stuck because of the lack of fuel.
*Basic and much needed medicine and food supplies have become too dear because of their scarcity.
*All of the industries in Nepal are halted because of the scarcity of fuel, raw materials and lack of transportation.
* Millions of Nepalese are losing their jobs.
*Showing the cause of the Madhesh strikes inside Nepal, and in otherwise peaceful border areas too, the supplies have been decreased by India.
*Unofficially, the import facilities which are provided to Nepal by the UN as a landlocked country are illegally blocked.
* most domestic flights have been grounded because of fuel shortages.
*On the roads, supplies are halted as can be seen in the Madhes crisis with India playing an unofficial roles to create blockades and against humanist activities here in Nepal.
*All sectors of life in Nepal are negatively affected, including tourism, healthcare, tyhe economy, the environment which is now being badly damaged.

We can find above and other effects of physical and mental sufferings because of the stoppages which effects can be seen all over Nepal.

In a peaceful manner, in the parliaments of the UK and Germany, the issues of this blockade need to be raised the more. They were also raised in a human right meeting in Geneva. In this regards, #back of India and #Get Well Soon India, and like trends here in Nepal are being organized informally .We are told that some humanist members in India are also creating social pressures against this blockade.

Now the humanist movement Nepal is planning to announce a world wide appeal and a letter writing competition under the title: ‘Letter To Narendra Modi’.

The competition is organized as a nationwide competition for the students of 8, 9 & 10 graders and collected letters will be sent to the Indian Government.

It is also requested that the humanist members around the world start their own movement against this blockade if they want to co-operate. In considering the above, leaders, lawyers, civilians, Humanist Movement members and other bodies are appealed to, that they play a peaceful and non violent role to stop this inhuman activity.

The organisation

Humanist Movement Nepal is an informal organization which works with its units in Nepal and joins hands with the international Humanist Movement. This organization is based solely on its members who follow the principles of peace, non-violence, voluntarism and internal personal development and is working against anti-humanist activities by creating different types of pressures in non-violent ways. It organizes activities in a really democratic way. In this particilar activity we requests all humanist movement members around the globe and civil societies around the world to demonstrate or to create social pressure against this unofficial blockade to Nepal by India in a peaceful and non-violent way. It also asks its units to launch different programs while following the humanist movement principles and under the guidelines of “The Community For Human Development”. It also requests to the convened authorities and civilians to study and analyze deeply this unofficial blockade to Nepal by India. This movement also emphasizes to conduct a deep study on the causes of the blockade, the inhuman activities it causes in Nepali societies and its marginalizing effects.
‘Peace, Force and Joy to you all’
Panauti, Nepal
H.M.Suresh Shainju, National Convener
for, Humanist Movement Nepal,
Contact : +977 9851168850 +977 9841134779

(first issued November 10, 2015)