• The British government has refused entry into Gibraltar to those marching on the South-East Route, communicating its position through an official document passed to us by the organisers.

By Rafael de la Rubia and Maribel Martínez (spokespersons for the EuroMarches2015)

The EuroMarches today started its adventure in Gibraltar with a flashmob at the border denouncing EU tax havens.

The event had been scheduled to take place in Gibraltar itself but was banned by the British authorities.

Under the slogan “Tax havens, organised crime”, fifty or so activists dressed in black with white masks stood for thirty minutes with slogans in Spanish, French and English: “black money = trafficking of women”, “black money = weapons trafficking”, tax evasion, drug trafficking, “bankers = money launderers”, etc, in a protest “For the reconstruction of a new Europe of solidarity and democracy!”

Several routes of the EuroMarches will carry out similar events in other European tax havens.

In Gibraltar the South-East route of the column that will pass through cities in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, Luxembourg and end in Brussels on the 15th of October, where other columns will converge coming from Italy, Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom.

In the EU capital, there will be several events between the 15th and 17th of October, culminating in a big rally.