British Police withdraw permanent watch for Julian Assange

13.10.2015 - Prensa Latina

British Police withdraw permanent watch for Julian Assange
(Image by Prensa Latina)

London, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) British police removed the permanent presence at the Embassy of Ecuador in this capital, where Australian Julian Assange takes refuge, but it stated ” it remains committed to executing the arrest warrant and presenting Julian Assange before the court”.

According to a statement, the Metropolitan Police decided to end the operation that kept 24/7 police presence outside the embassy, since 2012 when the founder of Wikileaks entered the place.

The computer expert and journalist sought refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy more than three years ago to avoid being arrested and deported to Sweden, where he is accused of sexual offenses. Assange denies the accusations and says it is a ploy to then deliver him to the U.S. authorities.

Washington chases Assange since his website Wikileaks published thousands of secret documents revealing violations committed by the U.S. government on issues such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

British police pointed out that the decision to change the method of monitoring was consulted with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs, and responds to the need to economize resources.

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