If for no other reason than this, registered UK Labour Party members and supporters eligible to vote in the party’s leadership election must vote for Jeremy Corbyn if they don’t want to see more use of British armed forces in the Syrian conflict that has unleashed a wave of refugees of much bigger than even biblical proportions.

Speaking about his plans to bomb Syria in a campaign targeted at ISIS, David Cameron, UK Prime Minister said in a meeting in Madrid on the 4th of September: “I would only proceed going further on this issue if there is genuine consensus in the United Kingdom about it before going back to parliament.”

The Labour leadership contest this week saw a TV debate take place in which Corbyn, famous for his anti-militarist stance as chair of the UK’s Stop the War coalition and vice-chair of CND (the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), said that he found it hard to imagine any circumstances in which he would press for the deployment of British armed forces in foreign conflicts. During the debate Corbyn insisted that any British involvement should always be with UN backing. “Surely we want to live in a world that is based on the rule of international law? The UN is quintessentially part of international law.”