Pope Francis is in the United States this week.

And while he’s there, he’s speaking out forcefully for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The Vatican has a long history of standing against the spread of nuclear weapons. But this is the first time a pope has come out in support of the total elimination of nukes worldwide – “global zero.”

Stand with Pope Francis against nuclear weapons. Sign the Global Zero declaration now — commit to zero by the year 2030.

These weapons pose one of the gravest humanitarian threats of our time. The risk that they’ll be used – to devastating effect on human life and the planet – is rising.

We can’t afford to keep rolling the dice. Our only option is zero – the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons, everywhere. And today, Pope Francis affirmed his commitment to global zero.

Join him and make your voice heard today – say you’re committed to zero by 2030.

Fight on,

Meredith Horowski
Global Campaign Director
Global Zero