Nepal – fresh activities of the Humanist Movement

19.09.2015 - Tony Henderson

Nepal – fresh activities of the Humanist Movement
(Image by Humanist Movement Nepal)

A women’s Humanist Movement group has been formed in Panauti, Nepal, that has launched a 19-point concept paper that is still under development, though the committee has already been set up. They are now organizing monthly meetings and will detail an action based on each concept or issue in the coming days.

“ The new group has established a Child Development Center in the same town of Panauti, starting with a toy library. Our aim is to provide the message of our movement to children step-by-step”, says Suresh Sainju, a core member of the activities taking place in Nepal under the banner of the Humanist Movement.

The message is one of non-violence and non-discrimination which is highly relevant in these times in Nepal when the society is under pressure to bring about a workable political scene and old divisions are making this an arduous task.

Representatives of the Humanist Movement in Nepal have been travelling down into India over the past few years, more recently to take part in the bi-annual meetings of the movement there.

“About a week previous five of us took part in the meeting in Maharastra. At that meeting it was proposed by us to conduct a like meeting here in Nepal and finally the assembly carried our proposal and it was decided to hold same on March 4th to 6th, 2016.”

Delegations of friends are to travel from the subcontinent, from India and from Bangladesh, to take part. Surely, interested people will also go from those humanists following Nepal’s advances along the road of balanced development and inclusive societal changes for the betterment of all, particularly mindful of the minority groups that are a large part of this small but diverse culture.

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