Life in reunified Germany

21.09.2015 - Pressenza Hong Kong

Life in reunified Germany
Part of the old wall still standing at Potsdama Platz (Image by Tony Henderson)

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Discover life in reunited Germany
On October 3, 1990 Germany celebrated reunification after being divided for decades. Starting today on DW’s websites, you’ll find many interesting stories and insight into 25 years of German unification.How has life changed in the years since for people from the east and west? What is the meaning of this momentous event for today’s Germany? DW has produced four fascinating documentaries that provide a unique look at how reunification has affected all aspects of German life.

The Scent of Home – Encounters in Little Hanoi
Mai-Phuong Kollath, Suat Bakir and Dan Thy Nguyen all have stories that are interwoven with German life before and after reunification. DW’s Bettina Kolb joins them in Berlin’s Dong Xuan Center, where east, west, Germans, immigrants, tourists and locals all come together.
2+4+ X – A Short History of German Reunification
The period between the Berlin Wall falling and German reunification was tense and exciting. People were ready for a major change, politicians were unsure of what to do and those in power were in fear of chaos. DW spoke with people that were in the middle of the upheaval – such as Helmut Kohl’s advisor Horst Teltschick and former DDR president Hans Modrow. International journalists also share their first-hand experiences of how events unfolded.
Generation 25 – Children of German Reunification
Those who were born during the transition year between 1989 and 1990 have always known a life without borders. These Germans never experienced the division of east and west and live in a very different country. What unites these young people? DW tells the story of Generation 25.
Dreams of New Beginnings
A picture from 1989 taken at St. Mary’s church in Rostock shows reverend Joachim Gauck giving a speech surrounded by young people. Who were they and what do they do today? This film reunites the reverend, who would go on to become the president of Germany, with the people who were there that day. Join us for the moving story of a special encounter that spans 25 years of history.
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