How do we frame the rise of Jeremy Corbyn?

27.09.2015 - London, United Kingdom - Pressenza London

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How do we frame the rise of Jeremy Corbyn?
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An Occupier’s Perspective

How do we frame this? How do we put into context the vitriol and hatred directed at a new leader that seeks to represent the needs and desires of the people. What is of course astonishing is that those that so despise him are in fact responsible for his emergence.

As we have shifted further to the Right and most people’s lives have become increasingly controlled by unelected big company CEOs, the new lords of the mammon, it was inevitable that, in spite of their efforts, we would see “a” Corbyn. As we have seen the erosion of democracy, the nurturing of apathy and helplessness, it was only a matter of time that people would stand up and out of this ever increasing number would emerge a person who can represent their concerns and their woes.

And so it is that we have a Corbyn on the front bench of the opposition. At least there is an opposition now. As I am sure many of you had thought. Before this democracy was like buying a new car, they’re all the same…but you get to chose the colour.

Equally astonishing is the degree to which the doctrine of corporatocracy is so blinding to its followers. A basic understanding of economics suggests that cartels can price at whatever level they want, it suggests that as markets mature they evolve in to a very small collection of super-corporates. An understanding of the development of the capital markets would tell you that bizarre financial engineering invented post 80s big bang means that companies can be created that dwarf countries and that have no relation to underlying assets in reality. This enables them to dictate policy to government to prevent them acting in the best interests of their people, a position soon to be strengthened by the fetters of the TTIP. (unless we stop it.) A basic understanding of the corporate condition would tell you that it is not altruistic. It’s sole purpose is to perpetuate itself. It does not “give” people jobs, it uses them. And perhaps some rudimentary observation would tell you that inequality is on the rise and this corrupted system’s only output is to concentrate wealth amongst the very few and make life more expensive for everyone else.

And yet this is “refused” with such vehemence it can only point to a darker fundamentalism with roots in ideology that we have seen before and leads us now down a very dark path. The signs are there, the defiance of science, resurging racism, xenophobia, the creeping return of sexism, increased surveillance of the people, the control of the media and the judiciary, secret courts and the outlawing of protest. And this is what we know about.

And so it is that we have a people’s leader towards the beginning of the 21st Century to redress the balance between the people, government and commerce that has been skewed towards commerce in the later part of the 20th Century, and who’s policies reflect that and the macro socio-economic dynamics we, as a race, are now confronted by. No surprise.

The attacks will continue of course and this must be a movement for change of the people for the people. He deserves our support. As for his enemies, I suspect that the more they try to strike him down the stronger he will become, more than they can possibly imagine perhaps… Thank god he’s a Jedi.

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