The Greek left-wing party Syriza is expected to take 145 seats in the 300-member parliament, the Interior Ministry said after counting 54 percent of the vote cast in the snap election Sunday. The leader of New Democracy, Syriza’s main rival in the polling, has already conceded defeat.

The electoral result appears to be concluding with Syriza and Mr Tspiras in the lead,” New Democracy leader Vangelis Meimarakis said.

I congratulate him and urge him to create the government which is needed and come to parliament.”

The conservatives themselves have so far secured 75 seats.

Syriza is still falling short of an outright majority, meaning it will need coalition partners to form a government. The party hopes to complete this task within three days.

I want to repeat what Tsipras said, which is that a government will be formed within three days,” a source within Syriza told Reuters. The most likely candidate for the coalition is the right-wing Independent Greeks Party, the source added.

The Independent Greeks party, which would receive an estimated 10 seats, quickly affirmed that they would form an alliance with Syriza.

From tomorrow morning, with Alexis Tspiras as Prime Minister we will form a government,” Independent Greeks president Panos Kammenos told reporters.

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