The Humanist Association of Hong Kong wishes to congratulate the Iranian people, and the negotiators on Iran’s team, who have been dealing patiently with the world powers to get this agreement lifting sanctions in return for limiting Iranian nuclear activity.

We believe in the Iranians, who have always insisted its nuclear programme was for the purpose of energy generation only, and wish them well in the future.

This agreement brings to conclusion what has long appeared to us as an unfair and protracted series of negotiations that have placed Iran in the spotlight but in a negative light and caused long term damage to its economy besides tainting its reputation owing to biased media reporting.

We look forward to seeing Iran take its proper role in regional affairs and acting as a counterforce against puritanical religious extremism and fundamentalism, given the moderate stance of Shia Islam that accepts other denominations within the faith and holds to tolerance for other beliefs.

We see the rehabilitation of Iran into normalcy in its relations with other nations reflecting positively on all of its surrounds and trust that active non-violence will be the methodology of choice in the future also, as it has been portrayed in these drawn out negotiations, to bring about a peaceful resolution.