This week finds me in Vienna covering the P5+1 and Iranian nuclear negotiations, and I can honestly say that it’s hard to call the outcome of the talks right now. Don’t depend on the global media to help much either. In lieu of hard news to report, hundreds of fidgety reporters amassed here will end up reporting every peep out of anyone’s mouth – just to grab the next headline.

And that is part of the problem. Forget the minutiae about the Additional Protocols, access to military sites and sanctions-relief schedule for a minute – the seven nations at the negotiating table understand what needs to be done to get this deal inked. The real issue holding things up is whether the Americans have the “political will” to make that leap, to agree in writing to its obligations (without 100 caveats) and the courage to face their sprawling bureaucracy whose bread-and-butter is the ‘sanctions industry’ and the ‘Iranian enemy.’

Here’s my analysis based on events so far:

And here’s a short TV analysis I did outside the Palais Coburg for RT:

Last night, a few of us had the privilege to participate in a very insightful private briefing with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and I hope to bring you all some really nuanced analysis as we inch toward the final July 7 deadline.