70 years after Hiroshima, we demand nuclear disarmament!

We are groups of fasters who have decided to deny ourselves nourishment for 4 days, from August 6th, the anniversary of Hiroshima, till August 9th, the anniversary of Nagasaki, to express our total opposition to nuclear weapons, and to call for their abolition.

The 9 nuclear states consider they have the right to possess nuclear weapons, whereas ¾ of the countries of the world consider they should dismantle them in short order. The recent Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty at the United Nations in May 2015 has highlighted the categorical and irreconcilable opposition between these two groups.

The current global stockpile of 16,000 nuclear bombs threatens the whole of humanity. Nuclear strikes whether provoked by human folly or error, or by accident, could trigger a nuclear war and lead to a kind of total suicide for humankind.

The nuclear weapons states assert that they need these bombs for their own security, a claim of extraordinary arrogance in view of the fact that security is a matter for all. The expenditure on new nuclear weapons in the context of modernisation programs is set to exceed 1,000 billion Euros over the next 10 years, a totally unacceptable figure in the light of the needs of humankind, and of the urgency of positive action for the environment.

Public opinion needs to be alerted and to speak with a clear voice. The possession, construction and threatened use of nuclear weapons must be banned.

We, the undersigned group of fasters, call on each and every person to join us in expressing this urgent call:

Nuclear disarmament must happen now!

Group of Fasters in Paris, France (Dominique Lalanne <do.lalanne@wanadoo.fr >)

Group of Fasters in Dijon-Valduc, France, centre for the modernisation of French Nuclear weapons(Jean-Marc Convers <jeanmarc.convers@gmail.com>)

Group of Fasters in Bordeaux-Mégajoule, France, laser research center for perfecting new nuclear weapons (Dominique Baude <baude.dominique@laposte.net>)

Group of Fasters in Büchel, Germany, Nato base where 20 nuclear weapons are stationed ( Matthias-W. Engelke <mwEngelke@outlook.de>)

Group of Fasters in London, UK (Angie Zelter <reforest@gn.apc.org>)

Group of Fasters at Livermore Lab, California, NIF laser for perfecting new nuclear weapons (Marcus Pegasus <pegasus@lovarchy.org>)

Group of Fasters in Los Alamos, New Mexico, laboratory for the modernisation of US nuclear weapons ( Alaric Balibrera <AlaricAlive@gmail.com>)

Group of Fasters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA ( Ann Suellentrop <annsuellen@gmail.com> )