Premature announcement about Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong, seen by many as the face of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong… is here in Malaysia. Come join him for breakfast.

Joshua was turned away at Penang Airport.


27th May 2015

Progressive University of Malaya is disappointed with the deportation of Hong Kong Occupy Movement Activist Joshua Wong from Malaysia at Penang International Airport yesterday. Members of Progressive University of Malaya were looking forward to meet him in person on Friday where he was scheduled to speak at the Council of Churches in Petaling Jaya but are now unable to do so due to the deportation.

We find it incomprehensible as his presence in Malaysia can be perceived as a threat to national security and was deported by the Immigration Department. We find it absurd that a pro-democracy activist can be seen as a threat to the nation and is now compared to an actual terrorist. It is a golden opportunity for fellow Malaysians to be hearing from him in person on his experience during the Hong Kong Occupy Movement which serves as an inspiration to many who aspire for better democracy in this nation.

We would like to remind the Government of Malaysia that it was Prime Minister Najib Razak’s promise back in 2011 to make Malaysia the best democracy in the world. The Immigration Department Malaysia & the Home Ministry must answer with reason why an 18 year old boy, unarmed can be seen as a threat to national security. Efforts can be made to curb real terrorist instead deporting visitors who pose no potential harm to the public safety of this country.

We hope that the deportation issue is not what it is perceived as an attempt by the Malaysian authorities to curry-favour with the mainland Chinese government which is of Communism ideology and contradict with our principles of a democratic state. Being a country with a history of hostility towards Leftist movement and Leftist ideas, we would find it hypocritical if such perception is found to be true and the motive behind it is to safeguard our trade and commerce interest with China.

As university students we look forward to exchange views with fellow students particularly those who are abroad. We cannot see the nexus between how an 18 year old student can a threat to national security just because of different ideas. Malaysian authorities should not be selective in welcoming foreign visitors and all visitors should be treated equally.

Progressive University of Malaya urges the Malaysian authorities to allow Mr Joshua Wong to return to Malaysia for future events and not arbitrarily deport him or any other foreign visitors without any solid and just reasons. This would not shape well on our image at international level. Should Mr Joshua Wong or any other foreign visitor to our country commits any offence which is against the law, it is only then that the authorities should act on the matter as a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Vince Tan
Secretary General
On behalf of
Progressive University of Malaya