Constituent alternative to monarchy proposed in Spain

16.04.2015 - Prensa Latina

Constituent alternative to monarchy proposed in Spain
Republicans protest against the Monarchy in Valladolid, Spain (Image by

The State Republican Board, made up of more than 50 Spanish organizations, on Wednesday demanded a republican model for the country as a way to counter the problems affecting society.

In a statement published on the 84th anniversary of the 2nd Republic, overthrown by a coup d’état staged by Francisco Franco in 1936, the Board favors a constituent process reflected on the peoples who vindicate their right to national identity.

The proposal of a plurinational, cooperative and solidarity State must be based on the free and voluntary adhesion to a Constituent Pact, so the Constitution of the Republic can result from a decision made by the peoples that will make it up, the document says.

The members of the Board, who signed a Republican Commitment in June 2014, think that there is a need today to create a Constituent Alternative to design an agenda of social change.

The pact considers that in Spain, the right-wing proposal hinders social achievements and gains and brings poverty and suffering caused by the model of capitalist accumulation and its institutional structure.

However, it says that the most serious situation is being negotiated secretly as part of the so-called Trans-Atlantic Treaty between Europe and the United States, which is aimed at dismantling the social and democratic gains achieved in more than 150 years of struggle.

The alternative, adds the statement, is the transformation of economic and institutional structures regarding a model of production, the distribution of wealth, the State model, public ethics and democratic deepening.

It notes that the model inherited from the transition from dictatorship to monarchy with an election law and institutions that are tailor-made for the prevailing two-party system has proved to be insufficient.

The 1978 Constitution did not recognize the plurinational nature and a decentralized state and a centralist state are overlapped in the text, as shown by the Senate, which does not function as territorial representation.

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