Humanism and Spirituality in the Age of Disillusion

13.03.2015 - Pressenza London

Humanism and Spirituality in the Age of Disillusion
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by East-West dialogues

We would like to introduce the topic of Humanist tendencies that exist within a worldwide social situation and their development through the disillusioned age (starting around 1887) until the present. By humanist tendencies we mean those movements, currents, philosophies and concepts which express, in various levels and proportions, a humanist sensibility. We accept that it is very important to study their process and reciprocal influence withing a worldwide social context.

By Humanist Sensibility we mean the expression of two basic aspects: a Humanist Attitude and a Search for the Meaning in life. A Humanist Attitude can be expressed in different levels of social activism aiming to social justice and human rights, through a nonviolent approach.

Search for Meaning can be expressed in various levels of spiritual research and deep philosophical meditation about the meaning of existence and overcoming of mental suffering. These two aspects are the point of view from which these humanist tendencies are analyzed.

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