5th February 2015
Islamophobia continues to prevail through ‘Uncivilised Expressionists’
A Petition of over 100 000 British Muslims will be presented to the Prime Minister highlighting the view that the majority of Muslims worldwide call for ‘Global Civility’ rather than destruction of human life.

British Muslims shall acknowledge the self-restraint shown by the British media in the current ‘Charlie Hebdo’ cartoon insults.

Thousands of British Muslims shall protest on the reprinting of the caricature of the Holy Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. outside Downing Street, London on 8th February 2015 from 11 am. They shall be presenting at 10 Downing Street a Petition signed by over 100 000 British Muslims with an open letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the view of the majority of the Muslim worldwide calling for ‘Global Civility’.

The rally shall express their deep regret at the killings in Paris of 17 people which were in violation of Islamic Law. British Muslims will also condemn the reprinting of the caricature of the Holy Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. in the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Shaykh Tauqir Ishaq, a senior spokesman for the Muslim Action Forum (MAF) organising the protest, said “Perpetual mistakes by extremists, either by cold-blooded killers or uncivilised expressionists, cannot be the way forward for a civilised society. The peace-loving majority of people must become vociferous in promoting Global Civility and responsible debate. At this time of heightened tension and emotion, it is crucial that both sides show restraint to prevent further incidents of this nature occurring.”

Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, a MAF representative, said “The actions of the UK media in not publishing the cartoons, is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.”
The rally will be attended by several hundred Muslim scholars and thousands of British Muslims from across the United Kingdom.
For further information contact Faried Chedie on 07973617277