From Thessaloniki comes a call for Greeks around the world to gather on the 11th of February in solidarity with the new anti-austerity government in their meetings with their EU partners on the 11th and 12th in which they are asking for a new deal to tackle their debt.

So far events are planned for several cities in Greece including Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and Heraklion (both on Crete), Patras, and the island of Lesbos. Support has already been announced from Nicosia in Cyprus and in Italy members of the Humanist organisations; the Humanist Party International and World without Wars are mobilising in Rome, Milan and Florence among others.

Other cities such as Brussels, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona are expected to take part. The latter two Spanish cities are also experiencing a surge in support for anti-austerity policies of their own as the Podemos (We Can) Party is leading in the opinion polls with elections due in 2015.

The invitation from Thessaloniki demands “independence, democracy, justice and dignity; principles supposed to be granted in ‘civilized’ Europe” and calls for “No more artificial debt on the shoulders of our nations, generated by bank owners.”

The rally starts at 5pm in White Tower Square in Thessaloniki.

For other cities, consult the website:

People are being asked to use twitter to circulate information with the hashtag #mazi