The Universal Humanist Current of Pedagogy (COPEHU using its initials in Spanish) will hold their third “International Gathering towards Humanising Education” in the Park of Study and Reflection, Punta de Vacas (Mendoza, Argentina) from the 9th to the 11th of January 2015. The event’s slogan is “Intentional Learning: a horizon towards new educational paradigms”. Those invited are people who share the need to open new horizons to work in a path of transformation of the education system and human consciousness. It is about bringing together educators who feel the urgent need to create a space of reflection and to build a meaningful ambit that facilitates interchange and study into the kind of education system we want.

The programme that starts on Friday the 9th of January at 11.00 with registrations has numerous activities: experiential workshops, interchange sessions on diverse subjects, exhibitions about educational activities in different countries and ceremonies in the meditation hall among others. The opening ceremony is at 12.15 and at 14.30 the organisers will start the gathering by outlining the general framework. On Saturday and Sunday the activities start at 10.00.

The subjects for the interchange groups that take place on Saturday the 10th at 13.30 and between 19.00 and 20.30 concern: vocation, new technology and the media, experimental education projects, spirituality, new ways of learning for children and young people, the relationship between parents and children, families and communities, and the body as a faithful companion of one’s own existence.

Regarding the experiential workshops to be developed: to learn through play, for a transformative education, to learn with images, integral development for boys and girls, a children’s theatre presentation, the role of motricity in integral development, the challenge of improvisation.

In addition the new COPEHU book will be presented: “Preparing the path for the new times. A humanist regard towards learning.” by the authors Sabrina Di Tomaso, Kity Goyena and Andrea Novotny.

The event can be followed by live streaming at the following address: