Nepal: Society Without Conflict or Violence

26.12.2014 - Tony Henderson

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Nepal: Society Without Conflict or Violence
Committee of Society Without Conflict or Violence with Tulsi Sigdel bottom right, next is Samir. (Image by Kaushal Basnet)

In Nepal, core members of the universalist humanism movement have established a new team, choosing the capital city of Kathmandu as the place to launch initial activities. The first meeting took place 25 December, 2014, at the grounds of KNK International College. Nineteen people gathered together, including students from the college.

During the meeting long time humanist movement member Tulsi Sigdel gave a talk on the new humanism, explaining the importance of non violence and non discrimination as the methodology of action and about how this form of humanism differs from others with its equal value placed on Personal Work, to balance out and give equilibrium to working in the world to better society.

Ms Sigdel also spoke on how best to co-operate with other different organisations which were also created by this branch of humanism. In fact, the local society is placed under the umbrella of one such group, which title immediately tells of its concerns and intent: World without Wars and without Violence. This latter organisation was first established in Europe.

Member Samir Sodari took a particular role in the new group, as spokesperson. At that first meeting those present decided to organize the legal footing as an institution to conduct the work and ease the flow of information about humanism and humanizing activities. Also, to facilitate activities that touch on national and international humanism by achieving a more rapid information flow. Meaning, to better collect news from the local level to the national level and relay this on internally and to like groups internationally and make use of the international news agency, Pressenza, to open up to others what is happening in humanism today – information flowing both ways.

This intention of using Pressenza to monitor worldwide news of what’s important to Universal Humanism delights all connected with this news agency and as Asia Editor, I can say this is among our dearest aims. Ideally, the information flow will assist international and local activities, and keep them coherent.

As for the Society Without Conflict or Violence, the 13 member committee declared on the day, includes:
1. Samir Sodari (Spokesperson for Kathmandu)
2. Pratikshya khakurel
3. Ramesh Dhital
4. Susil Gautam
5. Rakshya Acharya
6. Suman Dhakal
7. Poonam Giree
8. Ashma Chaudhary
9. Susmita Niraula
10. Kaushal Basnet
11. Anish Poudyel
12. Deepak Gupta
13. Siddhartha K.C

Done on the day:
1. Chose and approved the spokesperson for Kathmandu,
2. Discussed the topic of legal registration of Universal Humanism in Kathmandu.
3. Chose a 13-member committee for the registration as a legal organization.
4. Decided on the organization’s name i.e. Society Without Conflict or Violence.

Pressenza wishes this new team of humanism great work and is eagerly waiting to inform our readers of progress made in Nepal. Here at Pressenza we also hope other affiliated organisations will follow suit and use our agency just as other peace-seeking organisations do, besides such as the Humanist Party, by sending in their news and illustrations for wider distribution.


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