We would like to read the names of each of the five hundred Palestinians who have died. Also each one of the dozens of Israelis who have lost their lives because of these attacks. At least knowing their names to represent them and thus bring closer the unique meaning of what is happening. Every human life that vanishes by the deliberate and violent act of another human being is a shadow over humanity as a whole. We show our pained faces to their families. Yesterday my relatives were the target of the horror and today it is yours, and for each person torn from life there will be no tomorrow.

This disproportionate attack on Gaza is seriously affecting the morals of the world. In addition it allows small groups poisoned by resentment to attempt to tinge with hatred the rising pacifism in the world’s population.

We renounce every faction that proclaims an ideal higher than life and every cause that, to impose itself, generates suffering. We deny the right to make accusations to any faction that, whether recently or long ago, has figured in the suppression of life.

If something can be taught to us by these countries it is that if contradictions between people are not resolved in time of peace, they escalate to express themselves in death and destruction. If they are teaching us anything, it is that we need to resolve what is pending now and not when it is too late.

We resolve nothing by blaming the other side for the deaths that we cause. The lives of my people are as sacred as the lives of others. We know, deep down we know, and so we need to justify and excuse ourselves from the responsibility for the deaths caused by the side with which we get identified.

It is never too late to stop the violence, and it will always save lives that would be lost for each day that the fighting continues. The United Nations, with all its faults, is the best we have for global coordination. Submitting to their directions exalts the peoples; accepting the recommendations and rulings is the right thing to advance towards peace. Understanding that  to occupy territories is also violence and withdrawing from them is needed if the UN says so. The dialogue for a Palestinian state is a possible solution. Reorienting the action in this direction leads to understanding.

The feeling of revenge is very easy to awaken. Let us reject any proposal that feeds it and let us gather all those that promote growing closer, union and humanization.

Let us seek intercultural dialogue within and outside the Middle East.
An immediate ceasefire by both sides.
Stop immediately the settlements declared illegal by the United Nations; in addition to the formation and recognition of a Palestinian state.
Recognition of the existence of the two countries on the basis of the 1967 border for

Accept as binding decisions of the United Nations resolutions.
The signature of a permanent peace treaty between the two countries.

Humanist friends of the world, end of July, 2014
Tomás Hirsch, Dario Ergas, Rafael Edwards, Dani Horowitz, Roberto Blueh

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