Gaza: no place to run

13.07.2014 - Tony Henderson

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Gaza: no place to run
(Image by Dewan Saiful Alam Masud)

Israel continues its attacks on Palestine ignoring all calls for a ceasefire or cessation of the hostilities and as is usual the missiles of the Jewish state cause massive damage to the Palestine cities while the haphazardly directed rockets of Hamas mostly fall of un-populated areas, largely being a symbol of resistance.

The UN has expressed its concern over the civilian casualties, saying that at least 70 percent of those killed in air raids over the last six days were civilians. Israel says that Hamas is using civilians as human shields. On Saturday, the UN Security Council called for a ceasefire reinstating the November 2012 ceasefire brokered by Egypt. Israel says that Hamas is using civilians as human shields.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has said they are increasingly seeing damage to civilian infrastructure in Gaza, particularly electricity, water and sanitation facilities and equipment.

In Hong Kong many hundred of protesters marched the streets against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and official figures of those killed in Palestine rose to over 160 as the march continued. The Israel Consulate was closed as it was Sunday and no official was around to accept the letter of protest.

It appears that Israel is using as pretext the incident of the kidnapped and killed Israeli teenagers to further weaken the Palestinian state and in particular the Hamas organisation. The authorities knew the teenagers were dead yet propagated news that house searches were necessary to find them alive… Resulting in mass arrests and a further terrorised population of Palestine.

It has to be recalled that Hamas won the democratically held elections but were not accepted as the winners and the then popular organisation began lending more weight to its military wing, given that its political wing was rendered useless. Nowadays it is classed by the West as a terrorist organisation.

The ordinary citizens of Gaza are unable to lead normal lives under the usual state of affairs in their land owing to the occupation by Israel and now, additionally, they have to either take heed of Israeli instruction to leave their homes because they are about to be bombed, or just take their chances as usual because, where can you go when you live in a city and that city is your home?

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