In Spain, King Juan Carlos has announced he will abdicate the throne to his son Prince Felipe. The king was selected by dictator Francisco Franco and crowned after Franco’s death in 1975. He has suffered a recent dip in popularity. His daughter and son-in-law are under investigation for corruption and, in 2012, he took a costly elephant-hunting trip to Botswana amid massive unemployment. The trip was kept secret until the king broke his hip there. Across Spain and around the world on Monday, tens of thousands called for a referendum on whether to keep the monarchy. Protests took place in more than 60 Spanish towns and cities, including the capital Madrid.

Isabel Garcia, protester: “That we’re working in this crisis to support them is, in my opinion, an insult to society that they have those exorbitant salaries. And, on the other hand, anyone who wants to govern or carry the country’s baton should stand for election. The vote is sovereign and so are the people.”

Daniel Rias, protester: “This is the time. We can’t wait any longer because it’s the moment to reflect on the system. This is when it could change that they at least give the option for the people to elect what they want, what they want for their government in the future.”