Ukraine, to the good people of my country: No War, we are all Ukrainians

06.05.2014 - Pressenza Hong Kong

Ukraine, to the good people of my country: No War, we are all Ukrainians
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An urgent letter to my country-  From one day to another, my country, Ukraine, became a stranger on my planet. First, I felt the only thing I understand is the language and then putting a bit of attention, I realize that even the language I did not understand, because behind the same words are not the former things that I naively thought were forever.

Beyond government and the powers behind the Power, Ukraine changed because people changed. My affection for my friends and family is the same as always, but I do not know how to express it. Before we could laugh together about our political differences. Now I know that I cannot gather my closest friends around the same table. I never imagined what I hear from them the things I hear today. What happened to us?

Looking away from my country, I see great imperialists torn by predators in their struggle for geopolitical control. My Ukraine injured, turned into a theater of war between the decadent and arrogant empires of the USA and EU and the cynical and calculating arrogance of the also superbly capitalist Russia.

Also please know that the real power in Ukraine, that speaks both of legitimacy and independence, follows always the guiding hands of some allies of foreign powers and oligarchic groups. The Russian military and economic pressure on Ukraine has no justification, nor has the IMF loan, which will be the coup de grace to the dying national independence. All that is left of independence will be the national anthem and flags of correct colours.

Ukrainian conflict shows an invisible hand that makes some of the people face off to each other, to distract attention and energy that has always been truely responsible for the tragedy which we now live. Sowing death, involving our emotions and controlling our anger, it pushes us to where it suits them. The next step is civil war, where the people as always, bury their dead and those responsible, as always, will be rewarded with new political office and loot.

Maybe, while possibly dead tomorrow, we breathe and smile ironically watching this “naive and ignorant reality of Ukraine” … written perhaps but still left us some time to do something.

Despite the bad omens and distorting efforts of the official press, maybe we can still get to do something together. Prior to being Ukrainians, Russians, leftists, rightists, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, women, men, etc. we are human beings. Never, under any excuse will we justify the right to kill or the shameful death celebrations. What good are three or four millennia of human civilization if in the dark prehistory of these days we physically destroy the other just by thinking or feeling different? Who should decide the fate of Ukraine but its people, not governments of foreign powers.

The power and traditional political parties before, during and after the Yanukovich government continues to show utter helplessness, and myopia. In addition to the interference of the involved foreign powers, the current Ukrainian government has not done enough to redistribute power between the old and new economic groups, not changing anything in the essence of the system. If we talk about homeland or independence, the first and foremost condition for achieving this is the true popular sovereignty, a democratically elected government and national ownership of the main wealth of the country. The flags, hymns and words are secondary. We invoke this wisdom because we believe deeply in it. Only from there, not from above, will the answers come.

The popular rebellion against the government of Viktor Yanukovich was against lying, widespread corruption and cynicism of power controlled by oligarchic groups. All my admiration goes to the citizens who came out to the streets peacefully. I feel that people now rebelled in the Southeast regions did so for the same reasons and when they realized that the new power in Kiev, was not representative.

Both sides of society show deep divisions; there are armed groups that are committed to violent imposition of their vision onto the rest of the country. Some armed groups on both sides committed crimes. Both sides are manipulated politically and militarily by Western and Russian imperialism, far away from pursuing the interests of the Ukrainian people. But on both sides of the people divided, a large majority are good and honest people, who love their country and genuinely want to defend what seems fair. And these people, the true Ukrainian people, can wake up, unite and stop the fratricidal nightmare that is being imposed.

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No War, we are all Ukrainians

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