Making Peace exhibition opened Saturday in Strasbourg

10.05.2014 - International Peace Bureau

Making Peace exhibition opened Saturday in Strasbourg
(Image by IPB)

Our photo-exhibition ‘Making Peace’ opened on Saturday in Strasbourg in fine style. Despite the bitter cold, curator Ashley Woods and Secretary-General Colin Archer joined a large group of officials and specially invited guests (including the Bosnian Ambassador and a representative of the German Consulate) from the international institutions for the opening ceremonies of the Lieu d’Europe, a handsome, newly extended Alsatian villa intended to provide a space for gatherings to ‘bridge the gap’ between the European institutions and the general public.

Strasbourg Mayor Roland Ries and Colin Archer opened the ceremony with speeches explaining the purpose of the exhibition and then the participants were invited to follow along as a group as Ashley and Colin commented various photographs and panels mounted along the exterior of the fence surrounding the park. Also among the speakers was the Secretary of State for Europe M. Harlem Désir. Many photographers and journalists were in attendance.

The exhibition will run until 30 November and is expected to attract several thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of visitors. It is the opening event of the month-long Fête de l’Europe – where Making Peace has its own page.

More information about the exhibition and our future plans at:

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