Though all top stories of the week revolve around a single phrase,“violence and negotiations to deal with violence”, I want to highlight one story that was taken up by a few TV channels and newspapers.

On Monday night 11 students of the Mass Communication Department of the Islamia University of Bahwalpur were arrested for allegedly storming the building of Radio Pakistan and hurling threats at Station Director Javeed Iqbal and his colleagues.

Basically, the students demanded that Bahwalpur Radio Station should broadcast a radio program on Khawaja Ghulam Farid during Urs days from Feb 6-8. Khawaja Ghulam Fareed is a very well known Sufi poet whose poetry address humanity not specific to groups of Muslims. Here is few verses of Khawja Fareed:

Musag malyndi da guzar gaya dinh sara,
Singhar karyndi da guzar gaya dinh sara.

Kejjla payom, surkhi layom, keetom yar visara,
Kang udynday umer vihanri, Aaya na yar piyara.
Roh dongar tay jungle bala, Rolyom Ishaq awara.
Hik dam aish  di sayj na manrum, bakht na ditrum vara.
Parh Bismalla gholum sir knu, chatum Ishiq ajara.
Ranjhan manda, man ranjhan di, rooz azal da kara.
Hijer Fareeda lambi laie, jal giyom muft vchara.
I wasted my day (my entire lifetime) in shining my teeth with Musag (a tree root).
I wasted all my day in makeup and in beautifying myself.

I drew linings about my eyes with eyeliner; I coloured my lips red with lipstick.
I decorated myself for my love.
I spent all my life scaring crows (traditionally, crows cackling is an indication of some guest coming to see you) but my beloved did not come.
I wandered in the dry land, in desert (rohi)and in woods and jungles, I wandered for my love.
Never did I sleep well, not for a moment. My fate did not give me the turn (of good fortune).
With the name of Allah I uncovered my head and picked at the burden of love.
Ranjha (the beloved of Heer; traditionally) is mine, I am for him (here the name of Ranjha is used metaphorically for beloved), such is written in the sacred book of fate, right from the day of creation of the universe.
O Fareed! separation has taken too long a period, I have almost burnt to ashes. Pity!

Many intellectuals, writers, poets and humanists condemn this act of government officials who refused to broadcast Punjabi and Seraiki poets in Punjab and also demanded the immediate release of the arrested students.