Court in Britain Rules Detention of David Miranda, Partner of Glenn Greenwald, was Lawful

19.02.2014 - Democracy Now!

A court in Britain has ruled police acted legally when they detained the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald at Heathrow Airport under an anti-terrorism law. David Miranda was carrying documents leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden when he was detained for nearly nine hours. While acknowledging the detention marked “an indirect interference with press freedom,” the court upheld its legality. The ruling comes just days after Greenwald and three other journalists won the George Polk Award, one of journalism’s highest honors, for their reporting on the NSA. Greenwald said the court ruling makes it clear the top British spy agency was monitoring “the communications of myself, David [Miranda] and/or the Guardian.” He wrote, “It may be perfectly normal for a country lacking constitutional guarantees of press freedom (such as the U.K.) to have their surveillance agencies eavesdrop on the communications of journalists and their family members, but that conduct, by itself, is rather radical.”

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