By Ilya Varlamov.-


In recent days, I get many requests from you to describe the current situation in Kiev and in Ukraine in general, to assess what is taking place, and to provide any vision of the near future. Because I do not physically possible, to each of your magazines separately to write a comprehensive analytical article, I decided to prepare this brief appeal to each of you could benefit from it, depending on your needs. most important things that I want to tell you are in less than four years of his tenure regime of Mr. Yanukovich led country and society to the breaking point. What’s worse, has led to an impasse, in which he must at all costs remain in power. Otherwise harsh judgment awaits him. The scale of the theft and usurpation transcends all notions of human greed. ‘s only reply that this regime applies from three months in connection with peaceful demonstrations, violence – magnified, “combined”: special police detachments attacks on the Maidan combine with individual persecution of opposition activists and grassroots protests (tracking, beatings, burning cars, houses, invading homes, arrests, increased litigation). The key word is intimidation. Consequently, it does not work, and protests on the increase, the power makes repression more restrictive. “The legal basis” for the power created on January 16, when completely dependent on the president of parliament, in violation of rules, the agenda, voting procedures, and finally the constitution, hands (!) In a few minutes (!) Voted on a whole range of laws that actually bring in country of dictatorship and a state of emergency even without his notice. For example, writing and disseminating these sentences, I’m breaking a few paragraphs of “defamation”, “incitement” etc. In short, if we want to respect the “rights” we have to consider that in Ukraine it is prohibited to all, which is not allowed by the authority. A rule allows only one – the roots in front of her. do not believe that this is some “extremists” not agreeing to such a “right”, the Ukrainian society on January 19 once again occurred in droves to defend their future. Today television news frames Kiev could watch the protesters in all kinds of helmets and masks on their faces, sometimes with wooden sticks in their hands. Do not believe that this is some “extremists”, “provocateurs” or “right-wing radicals.” Me and my friends we now we go to our demonstrations of these and similar ekwipunkiem. In this sense the “extremist” I am now myself, my wife, daughter, our friends. We have no choice: we defend the life and health of themselves and their loved ones. They’re shooting at us militias police special sub-units, snipers kill our friends. Number of protesters being killed in the government district during the last two days is, according to various sources, five-seven people. Number of missing without a trace throughout Kiev reaches tens of people. , we can not stop the protests, because it will mean that we agree on the country – life imprisonment. The young generation of Ukrainians, which grew and developed as post-Soviet era, naturally rejects any dictatorship. If dictatorship prevail, Europe will have to reckon with the prospect of North Korea for its eastern border and – according to various sources – 5-10 million refugees. I do not want to frighten you. revolution we have young His unnamed war power leads mainly against him. After dark the Kiev begin moving unknown group “of people in civilian clothes” that captures primarily the young, particularly with symbols euromajdanu and the European Union. They kidnap them export to the woods, where they undress and tortures in the severe cold. Strangely victims of such detentions are mostly young artists – actors, painters and poets. It seems that the country revolve “death squads” whose mission is to destroy what is most beautiful. Yet another distinctive detail: in Kiev hospitals force police organized an ambush on injured protesters, pick them out there and (I repeat – the wounded!) export for questioning in an unknown direction. Extremely dangerous happened to seek help at the hospital, even for ordinary passers-by accidentally wounded by shrapnel grenade plastic police. Doctors just shrug their shoulders and pass into the hands of the so-called patients. law enforcement officers. summary: Ukraine fully implements the crime against humanity, for which the responsible authority is present. If this situation involved are some extremists are their highest state officials. And according to two of your traditionally the most difficult questions for me: I do not know what will happen next, and I do not know what you can do for us now. You can as far as possible and contacts to disseminate this appeal. And yet – współczujcie us. Think of us. And so we will win, although they will be mad. The Ukrainian people, saying, without exaggeration, poured their blood in defense of European values of a free and just society. I hope you appreciate it. translation: Iwona Boruszkowska / Urszula Pieczek,75477,15328404,Andruchowycz__Wspolczujcie_nam__Myslcie_o_nas__I_tak.html#ixzz2rYRVA5d2