Pressenza: review of the most read articles of 2013

28.12.2013 - Tony Robinson

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Pressenza: review of the most read articles of 2013
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As the year comes to a close, we review the articles that have been most read by our readers during the year and try to identify the subjects closest to their hearts.  It’s a bit subjective but maybe there are some interesting tendencies and trends which emerge.

Note that it’s not totally scientific because clearly an article that was posted in January has more chance to gather readers than an article posted in November, but nevertheless some trends still appear.

War in Syria

The most popular article for our Italian readers was an interview with Francesca Borri, an Italian journalist specialising in Middle East affairs who was at the time, and still now, covering the war in Syria.

Chilean Election Campaign

Italians also became fascinated by the election campaign taking place in Chile, especially the candidate of the Humanist Party, Marcel Claude.


Italians also took great interest in the capsize of the oil rig, Perro Negro 6, off the coast of D.R. Congo and Angola.

The top three articles in Spanish were all environmental stories.

Our most popular article of the year across all languages was this one in Spanish Pressenza about how Bhutan became the first country in the world to only allow environmentally-friendly agriculture.

Also in Spanish Pressenza, Bolivia’s ban of GMOs caught the attention of our readers.

The third most popular article in Spanish language was an article about the effects of the Chevron-Texaco contamination in the Ecuadorean Amazon and the testimony of a peasant-farmer at the United Nations asking for nothing more than justice and clean water.


Our French readers seem in need of information about how to sleep better and have found great interest in this article about the effects of melatonin as a natural sleeping aid.

Portuguese readers are also concerned about Health.  In this case, it’s the lack of investment in public health care services in Brazil that are the greatest cause for concern.  This was not surprising in the year in which massive protests rocked the largest country in South America just months before the World’s attention focuses there with the soccer world cup.  This article was the most read in Portuguese Pressenza.

Social Protest

In this year of massive protests around Brazil it is not surprising that our Portuguese readers were desperate for news of other revolutions and our article on the current state of the Icelandic Revolution gained a lot of attention, as did its translations in other languages.

And Brazilians were keenly interested in the day of national protest that was called for the 11th of July, 2013

English readers were also fascinated with the theme of the Icelandic revolution and these two articles from 2011 are still appearing in the top three of the most read articles in that language.

French readers were looking for proposals and found them in this open letter, “To get out of the Crisis, it’s humanity that must change…”


The theme of violence and the media was the third most popular article in French Pressenza

Human Rights

Finally, the harrowing theme of prostitution and abuse of women was the most read article in English language Pressenza.


We wish all our readers and the planet a much better 2014!

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